Supplier Licensing

Collaborate during formal review processes

Give your design partners, contract manufacturers, and suppliers secure cloud access to the product information they need. Trusted partners can participate in your change and quality processes as approvers, initiators, implementers, or any other role they provide to your business. Arena’s access policies let you enable collaboration quickly and maintain it easily for tens or hundreds of partners. Join over 1,300 customers and 1,500 suppliers using Arena around the world every day.

Quality & Speed

Effective supply chain collaboration reduces cost, inventory, and service requirements, while improving quality, speed, and customer happiness.

Supply Chain

Whether you have a few, dozens, or hundreds of partners—you have a platform that keeps your entire supply chain team on the same page with ease and security.


With Arena, you get flexible options for formal and informal collaboration. These are Supplier Licensing, Scribe and Arena Exchange.

Arena Scribe

Keep your product chat with the product record

With Arena Scribe, your internal teams and external suppliers can share information and discuss product design and quality issues during the in-between spaces of formal processes. Like other social sharing applications, team members begin Scribe collaboration discussions on the product record and invite others to participate. Through a chat interface, distributed teams can exchange ideas and alerts keep hot topics visible.

Arena Exchange

Share product information without licensing limitations

Arena Exchange is for frequent, ad hoc collaboration with your extended supply chain. Using Exchange, simply invite your partners to collaborate around any given design or build package. They can then view, comment, or download the latest product information including bills of materials (BOMs), documents, and manufacturers’ and suppliers’ information (AML/AVL). Your partners can also invite their partners to review the same product design or build package to ensure everyone is on the same page.

With no licenses to purchase and unlimited sharing, Exchange removes all barriers and allows collaboration, whether you have Arena or not.

Connecting Supply Chains

Over 1,500 EMS providers and suppliers access Arena

Component Sourcing

Get up-to-the-minute market availability, datasheets, and compliance information for all your BOMs. In a single view.

Supplier Item Lookup gives always-current access to electronic component market availability and compliance information across the entire product BOM. You can easily search part information in supported electronic component databases with results displayed directly in the Arena BOM view. The BOM Lookup view displays current availability from authorized suppliers and overall BOM health and risk status. You can even drill down to each component to quickly access detailed information including lifecycle, multi-sourcing, compliance, and availability – all without leaving Arena.