what plm solves

The Challenge

Distributed teams struggle to keep up with the latest product design with scattered silos of information.

Innovative products have many electrical, mechanical and software components and product information. Engineering, purchasing and supplier teams work together on the same data.

This collaboration is not optimal if all departments use their own system. We ensure that all product data comes in one integrated data backbone, accessible to all teams. That streamlines the product development process.

How We Help

Arena brings product information, people and processes together in one solution to speed up your product realization processes. With cloud-based PLM, it is easy to implement, configure and use anytime, anywhere – ensuring visibility for everyone during the development and introduction of new products (NPD / NPI).


Purpose-built PLM

Arena invented Cloud PLM and is the clear market leader with over 1,300 customers worldwide. Everything we do is focused on helping product companies deliver high quality products to market fast to gain first-mover advantages, increase profitability, and attract legions of loyal customers.

“In today’s product development environment, the one thing you can be sure of is that, sooner or later, you will be partnering with folks well outside your time zone… Make sure your tool supports this global reality.”David Sangster | SVP of Operations



Arena’s platform is designed to ensure maximum usability and scalability. Start-ups to Fortune 500 companies and their suppliers rely on Arena to accelerate their product development processes. Internal and external teams can immediately use Arena without cumbersome configuration or training exercises. Accessing Arena from any browser anytime around the world is easy. It’s your fastest path to ROI.


Our proven implementation methodology means improved product processes without costly coding and risky implementations. Arena’s cloud solution ensures easy setup, quick user adoption, and the lowest total cost of ownership (TCO).


Arena provides the next generation of cloud user interfaces, designed to simplify management of product information between our customers and their partners. Our comprehensive multi-tenant infrastructure maximizes performance, reduces cost, and automates recovery while allowing us to deliver regular enhancements painlessly to drive increased value.