Integration has never been easier.

Arena’s application programming interface (API) helps streamline new product introduction (NPI) processes by simplifying integration to upstream or downstream systems (e.g., ERP, CAD, CRM). You can create your own integration or leverage any of our existing integrations.

Component Sourcing

Get up-to-the-minute market availability, datasheets, and compliance information for all your BOMs. In a single view.

Supplier Item Lookup gives always-current access to electronic component market availability and compliance information across the entire product BOM. You can easily search part information in supported electronic component databases with results displayed directly in the Arena BOM view. The BOM Lookup view displays current availability from authorized suppliers and overall BOM health and risk status. You can even drill down to each component to quickly access detailed information including lifecycle, multi-sourcing, compliance, and availability – all without leaving Arena.

Cloud Single Sign On (SSO)

Arena has partnered with PingOne to offer a Tier-One Cloud Single Sign-On solution. Once users are logged into your SSO system, they won’t need to reauthenticate with Arena. Users can still log out of Arena as usual.