Product Realization

ProductStream delivers services and support to guide organizations in optimizing their product development process. with the innovative Arena PLM / QMS platform and technologies.

We have more than 10 years of experience with Arena PLM / QMS and successfully guided more than 25 implementations.

Our Drive

Our drive is to contribute to the product realization of products that are better. In which specialists work together and there is therefore a joining of forces. An important factor in product realization is a system. That is why we offer a concrete system as a value, a proven solution with benefits.

Type Product

Our customers products usually have mechanical, electronic and (embedded) software as components.

Type Development Team

There is a lot of cooperation with a team of interns and externals, such as designers, engineers, QC and suppliers. Often an important part of the production is outsourced to contract manufactures. There is a physically distributed product development team.

High Tech Companies

A joint product data backbone with change management is often the basic requirement and objective at go-lives. Furthermore, optimization of processes, increase of product quality, acceleration of time-to-market, control of development costs and supply chain management using the supplier portal are central themes at our customers.

As a result we see a team working together better and easier. Ideas about innovations are recorded earlier and better and shared more easily. Changes are made faster and in a controlled manner. Everyone is connected and can see what it is all about: the combination of cooperation between specialists and product development.

Best Practices High Tech

We provide Arena with a best practice template for High Tech companies. With a pre-set-up and templates for the occurring processes, such as changes (with types), requests, CAPAs and for example complaints. This way you will be up and running as quickly as possible.

Medical Device Companies

There are relatively many implementations of Arena PLM / QMS in the Medical Device Companies sector in the Benelux. These are both Class I, II and III devices. They have to comply with strict compliance requirements, in accordance with CE, ISO 13875 and / or FDA.

Best Practices Medical Devices

We deliver Arena including an industry template for Medical Device companies. With a pre-set-up and templates for common processes, such as changes (with types), requests, CAPAs and complaints, for example. In this way you are up and running as quickly as possible.

Quick Start

We offer Arena users a Quickstart approach with templates, onsite and online support, consultancy and project management.

Some customers are self-sufficient. We offer services depending on the situation and needs.

Innovative technology now in within reach for small and medium sized companies

Because the pricing of the platform is based on the number of users, the pricing for small teams is relatively low. As a result, they can now get the same technology as large companies. An enabler for innovations for start-ups, scale-ups and grown-ups.

Full Service

If desired, we can provide downstream and upstream integrations with other systems, such as integrations with CAD, ERP or CRM. This is often done using standard adapters or RestFull APIs. We are Full Service.

Arena is ready for operation, configurable and flexibly adaptable to your business process

Our implementation method offers industry models and business best practices in a flexible implementation process. Our expert team ensures that your unique requirements are met in the order that is important to your business, so you get a quick return on your investment.

  • Deployment at your pace
  • Early tangible benefits in the process and then continuous innovations
  • Predictable cost of ownership (TCO)
  • Industry best practices — implement what is needed and scale up based on business priorities and product development
  • Simple, automatic upgrades
  • Attentive customer service during the process from Arena

Step by step guidance..

Your project starts when you identify your needs and evaluate solutions. Arena can help you discover pain points and priorities and your route to a successful project.

During the implementation you have access to help in the application and videos, webinars, advice on best practices and our dedicated customer success team. Our team has contact with your team to refine your platform and help you further increase the value of your investment.

Our experience offers a competitive advantage

Arena is the Cloud PLM market leader. More than 1300 organizations are connected to Arena, of which more than 250 are Medical Device companies.

An innovative, reliable and proven solution for sharing information about products, quality and product development.